Why Krav Maga ?

Self-defense capabilities – In Krav Maga we teach striking, punching, kicking, grappling, throwing, ground fighting and submission techniques. The student will learn how to defend himself in all situations and from multiple enemies. In the advanced level we teach the same techniques as the special forces – this includes defense against knives and guns. Using realistic fight training we learn to maintain awareness of our surroundings, how to avoid confrontations, threat neutralization and simultaneous defense and offense manoeuvers. Our puprose is to protect ourselves and go home safely.
Simplicity and efficiency – Krav Maga techniques are simple but efficient, and can be mastered in a relatively short period of time as opposed to other martial arts where it takes multiple years to become proficient. Because techniques are simple they can be mastered by man, woman and child. Simple but efficient is also what we need in real fights since complex techniques can not be replicated outside of the controlled dojo environment – they will only be used in the movies. All the techniques that we teach have proven themselves in real world stressful situations. For this reason it is often said that Krav Maga is the most effective combat system in the world.
Physical fitness – Krav Maga training involves an intense cardiovascular workout. A training session is filled with push-ups, squats, sit-ups, punching and kicking which keeps the body flexible, builds muscle, and burns fat. Our balanced approach to physical fitness is the basis and we constantly work on that through our practice. One hour of intense Krav Maga training will help you to regain or enhance physical strength. You will also be able to adjust and improve your body posture while gradually loosening any stiffness in the body. Regular exercise relieves stress, thus enhancing the human immune system.
Mental fitness – Krav Maga is much more than a purely physical pursuit. It offers spiritual and mental growth as well. The teacher teaches the student the mental state of “mushin” – this is a mind not fixed or occupied by thought or emotion, and thus open to everything. The teacher shows how the student can be free of thoughts of anger, fear and ego. When the mind is clear it is the subconscious that strikes. Through practice we become at ease spiritually and mentally. The rewards of seeking internal balance are increased health, stronger immune system, enhanced self-healing abilities, greater happiness, and a more peaceful life.

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