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New Krav Maga class in Aoyama

Posted: April 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

We are setting up a new class for intermediate level students

Training time Sunday 9 AM to 10 AM

Intense but technical training intended for serious students

Kicking, punching and technical krav maga techniques

Every Sunday morning in Aoyama in the Carpe Diem Dojo

carpe diem dojo_2


Pls join the Imi Krav Maga instructor course at the YSA Yamamoto Academy gym in Magome


Classes are on  クラスの日程

  • Wednesday from 6pm to 9:30 pm  水曜日午後六時から九時半
  • Friday from 11am to 12:30 and from 6pm to 9:30 pm 金曜日11時から12時半、午後六時から九時半

Here you will learn techniques of Imi Lichtenfeld, the founder of Krav Maga


You will be tested and get to wear rank yellow to black belts


Orange belts will be first degree instructors


After receiving the rank of green belt you will get an instructor certificate


For more information pls inquire at

詳しい情報は で問い合わせください


Green Belt Testing

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Two students getting green belt after more than three years of practice

It was a long and difficult road, but still we have only reached the starting point

Anyway, Mazeltov




Pictures by Takashi Aoyama (

Takashi-Karv Maga-15 Takashi-Karv Maga-14 Takashi-Karv Maga-13 Takashi-Karv Maga-12 Takashi-Karv Maga-11 Takashi-Karv Maga-10 Takashi-Karv Maga-9 Takashi-Karv Maga-8 Takashi-Karv Maga-7 Takashi-Karv Maga-6 Takashi-Karv Maga-5 Takashi-Karv Maga-4 Takashi-Karv Maga-3 Takashi-Karv Maga-1

Photos © 2015 Takashi Aoyama

Krav Maga Body Guard Seminar

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Bodyguard training seminar covering the basics

Learn how to stand and keep distance

Learn how move with the opponent

Learn how to do the eight policeman grab techniques

Learn how to defend yourself with kicks and strikes

Bodyguard Seminar

If you have interest pls mail us at

Imi Krav Tokyo – Team Boaz

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Photo by Takashi Aoyama, Filter by Editor

We have made new long sleeve t-shirts with bigger sleeve print, different color (red) and new sleeve logo.

Nothing flashy … no skulls, guns or macho logos. Just a simple design that reflects our philosophy … keep it simple.

Imi used to say “the simple way, the shortest way. Minimum defense against maximum attack.”

We tried to do the same in the design.


tshirt long sleeve 1


tshirt long sleeve 2


tshirt long sleeve 3

Isami published a 4 page special on Imi Krav Maga, the contact combat and self-defense system developed by Imi Lichtenfeld. They did an extensive interview with veteran instructor Boaz Hagay and took many pictures, mainly focusing on knife and gun techniques.

Boaz explained about the history of Krav Maga and displayed many techniques showing how Krav Maga can be efficient for defense against multiple opponents and against knife, stick or gun.

He tried to make the point that there are no beautiful techniques and that Krav Maga is not focused on form – “we just have to move fast, take out the enemy and be aware of more potential opponents”. “We need to block an attack with a kick to the knees or testicles, and then proceed with a fast progression of punches or strikes to the ears, eyes or throat”. Krav Maga is an efficient fighting system which Boaz explained is close to the Japanese “budo”.

pic63 pic62

pic64  pic65

We had yellow and orange belt test today in Roppongi Dojo.

For orange belt we did many techniques like release from front bear hug and rear bear hug, both with arms free and arms locked, release from bear hug in lifting, police man hold, front roll, back roll, break fall, judo throws etc

Boaz was very demanding as always, requiring us to do it right, to do it controlled.

We are making progress but have still much to learn. We shall especially focus on keeping our center, maintaining balance, breathing at all times, knowing distance and keeping posture (head back) at all times. Techniques will work if the attitude is right.

The white belts will move up to yellow, while the yellow belts will proceed to orange.


from left to right: Ogata-san, The Glasgow Kid, J to the P, Jurginator, Boazito

pic53 pic55 pic58 pic61

pic60  pic59 pic67


Metropolis did a story on Krav Maga a while ago. For those who haven’t seen yet, please see below

“Krav Maga is a business now,” Boaz Hagay explains, “but I’m no businessman.”

Hagay teaches a pure form at his Imi Krav Maga lessons, the same techniques he was once taught by the martial art’s founder, Imi Lichtenfield. Before the class, he produces a treasure trove of Krav Maga history contained in a plastic file: pictures, letters and an old, faded training manual from his days studying in Israel. He laments the simplification of the discipline for marketing purposes and when he talks about his own teaching style, he often refers to what the Japanese call budou, or “the way.”

Hagay has no time for other, “sporty” forms of combat, fighting techniques artificially restricted by rules and regulations. If you need to defend yourself, he believes, you should do it in the most effective way possible: clawing at eye sockets and kicking at testicles if necessary. “Krav Maga isn’t brutal, but it’s very violent,” he says.

As it’s late December, a smaller group than usual has shown up—myself and three other men who’ve been training with Hagay for an average of around a year. Most of Hagay’s students are foreigners, but having lived in Japan for 25 years he’s also comfortable teaching in Japanese. The room used for training is small, with a colorful mat and a set of animal curtains that the group jokes are traditional Krav Maga items, but—by the time you read this—Imi Krav Maga will have expanded to three other locations (in Roppongi, Yokohama and Ogikubo).

We begin with some stretches, push-ups and sit-ups before practicing a simple one-two: left jab, right jab. The couple of years I spent boxing are immediately evident to Hagay, who alters my stance and highlights the importance of not fully extending the arm as one would do in a boxing match.

“You’re not just trying to punch him; after you strike, you need to do damage on the return.”

He demonstrates a few different methods of doing so and points out that, with a fully extended arm, I’m also making myself a much easier target for opponents to take hold of.

The plastic knives and guns come out for the next section and Hagay shows us a method to counter weapons, ending with a kick to the groin.

“Judo teaches disarming methods that look more impressive,” he says, demonstrating a couple of them, “but nothing is as effective as a simple kick to a man’s testicles.” We practice the move for a while, along with some work on blocking, then I step aside to take pictures as the group performs more advanced combinations on Hagay, who dons a padded suit with “kick here” and a target circle drawn on his groin.

One student, a young Glaswegian who’s been studying for 18 months, performs a perfect flurry of moves that ends with his teacher slammed against the wall by the throat. Hagay turns to me with a proud smile, “He’s so good now.”